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Bliss Tantric Massage Singapore: The Only Place For Sensational and Sensual Massage In Singapore

This is definitely the place to find the best quality massage services in Singapore. We have many years of experience offering professional tantric massage therapy and sensual massage services for healing and relaxation.

Tantric massage takes you through a new experience of sexual ecstasy. This is the one place you will find total fulfillment with your sexual life that you have never experienced before. We have professional masseuses who have gained great expertise and skill to ensure that you enjoy the massage sessions. Call it real pleasure at cloud nine.

Tantric massage is the practice of tantra; which originates from the mystical and famed Indians and the word is from the ancient language of Sanskrit which roughly translates to magnify, noticeable, display or make known. The sages of India that practice tantric massage aims to loosen and unblock the flow of energy throughout the entire body of an individual by awakening the Kundalini; the erotic and sexual energies of the body, which, by doing so and unblocking such energies, spreads out throughout the body and promotes and accelerates healing of the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of the human body hence is very valuable in holistic health.

There are many tantric massage techniques that can be had to help the awakening and the unblocking of the erotic energies that can aid in the holistic healing and maintaining bodily vigor. These massage techniques open up and releases positive energies hence countering the building up of negative energies responsible for sickness and illnesses. Tantric massages allows different body parts and even the whole body to rest and relax which in turn can help the overall healing of the body. By improving the flow of positive energies in the body, it counteracts the negative energies which also responsible for anxiety, stress and other bodily disorders.

While it is true that tantric massage taps into the sensuality and eroticism, the totality of the massage is the unorthodox way the body can be coaxed to self-heal by the releasing of everyday stresses, emotional and mental anxieties, and other bodily imbalances. Tantra and tantric massage allows people to tap into their hidden and unexplored eroticism to facilitate healing. And people will tell what a good massage has done to them to achieve a wondrous and sensational feeling.

A lot of people who have experienced this type of massage have been saying that tantric massage afforded them the opportunity to achieve self-awareness and self-development. The exhilarating and the jolting effect of the release of the body’s sexual energies has let them realize their humanity and the need to embrace the almost primal need of the body to release erotic energies. Those many that have gone through the experience of having tantric massage attest to the positive and self-acknowledging effects produced by having such a massage. Collaterally, more and more people have now been intrigue with what they have experienced and wants to avail for themselves this type of massage so as to experience the ecstatic and pleasurable release of their own sexual awareness and to help them to discover, comprehend and search the manifold aspects of their own hidden sexuality and to fully understand the depth of the meaning of life apart from what they tend to believe.

Here’s something you should know about the sensual, stimulating and erotic tantric massage Singapore.

Tantric massage and its practice take its roots in the Himalayan Mountains in India more than 9000 years ago. Tantric massage focuses in maintaining balance and harmony of an individual’s energy and aligning those energies for the holistic wellness of a person by unblocking and loosening energy channels throughout the person’s body to purify and facilitate healing of the body.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest with sensual touch erotic massage Singapore. We bring you a high level of professionalism offering our services to Private apartments, Condos and even Hotels.

Bliss tantric massage Singapore (Lingam) Massage
Prostate massage to enhance men's stimulation

The prostate gland is a man's G Spot. Massaging this part provides great pleasure and healing in different ways. Our signature tantric massage service in Singapore will give you double stimulation with an amazing experience of exploding orgasm to a whole new level.

Our Bliss massage services provide you with a pleasurable, sensual yet healthy way to enjoy your sex life with your partner and interact with other loved ones. Medical research also proves that tantric massage service singapore offers a great way to relieve both physical and emotional stress. You can also benefit from the self-realization of the value of your body and the importance of maintaining a healthy mental balance.

Tantric massage therapy in Singapore

Tantric massage is a form of therapy that is used to increase, activate or circulate sensual pleasure throughout the entire body. The main aim of this type of therapy is to make use of this sensual energy, transform it or recycle it into more useful needs than just letting it go. The sense of wellbeing that the therapy gives enhances many aspects of your life. To fully benefit from the sexual stimulation offered through sensual touch, it is crucial to gain trust and have confidence in the Singapore massage therapist. This way, you will enjoy a feeling of inner warmth, relaxation and stress release. The overall energy you get out of sensual and erotic massage enables you to cope better with daily life.

As earlier intimated, tantric massage is a sexual and sensual massage that while tap into the hidden erotic tendencies of a person to achieve the much-acclaimed euphoric sexual release that many have experienced. A tantric massage session involves not just the massage itself but usually starts having the body to relax and accept the slow but firm bodily touches to achieve the desired effects of the tantric massage. Relaxing the body means starting with breathing control exercise and gazing exercises to acclimate the body for it to be ready to experience fully the erotic release of bodily energies.

Bliss massage therapy and its great benefits

Felis Dunas, a specialist is acupuncture and author of the book ‘Passion Play: Ancient Secrets for a Lifetime of Health and Happiness Through Sensational Sex’ (Published by Riverhead Books), believes that good love life comes with health benefits. A quote in the book derived from a Taoist Master says, ‘Correct practice can cure every ailment and at the same time open doors to liberation.’

Tantric massage allows for the exploration of the highly erotic and pleasurable parts of the body. It celebrates life’s vibrancy through the exploration of the body and through the use of the body’s highly sensitive and erotic regions. When having this type of massage, you must be willing to open up, relax and be open-minded. Traditionally, tantric and its practice celebrates humanity and the human body. It is a temple that should be fully embraced, worshipped and be held in high esteem. Pleasure and sexual release are just parts of the overall experience you will have when having a tantric massage.

Research has shown that sensational state of pleasure can be expanded through tantric massage. When a sensational state of pleasure is reached by a person, the immune system also gains from the positive effect of the massage. You can also gain renewed confidence in your inner being and discover a more revealing and exciting aspect of your personality and character. A soothing and highly relaxing massage has helped some men move from an emotional low-down in their lives to a happier day-to-day life interacting and connecting better with their partners or their better half.

Intriguingly, the release of the kundalini or sexual energy is very important to balance the flow of energy of the body. The tender and soothing massaging of the erogenous spots of the body encourages the gradual release of those sexual energies thus giving the sense of sexual fulfillment. The euphoric gradual release of the sexual energies and the sense of fulfilment in return release bodily stresses as well as mental stresses which usually is retained if no outlet is provided for the release of such pent-up stresses.

The building of external stresses can oftentimes be strenuous and can easily corrode a body like rust does to iron.

When you think you are heavily stressed and feels that your day-to-day pressures is seemingly building up, it is time to reward yourself and unwind. What better way to release the build-up negative energies than have a one-of-a-kind tantric massage that can provide you with a new and immersive way to waken-up your senses and pleasure yourself.

Statistics show that almost 70% of women don’t or rarely experience orgasm in their sex lives. Men also have erection problems and premature ejaculation which cause distress, low esteem and at times health problems. Both men and women experience lower libido in their later years which often causes depression. Tantric massage therapy helps address these issues for many people. You get to understand how your body works and a chance to experiment with different methods to help increase your sexual energy.

Tantric massage opens up sexual energy channels that when the body’s erotic energy is opened up the energy created unites the physical, mental and spiritual sense and wellbeing of the a person. It allows oneself to delve into his or her inner self and recognizing the exhilarating effect of those energies unlocked and coursing through the body. The surging effect of the release of sexual energy allows energies blocking the body to be released hence the euphoric effect and the seemingly release of pain and stress from the body.

In choosing the perfect place to have this magical tantric massage, you should find a company that offers professional and well-trained masseuse that have outstanding reputation so that the correct and proper tantric massage can be done for you and for you to gain the health and energy-releasing effects of the tantric massage.

Our sensual massage singapore sessions and sensual therapists use the best therapy methods to take you to a world of pleasure and sexual excitement. Once you have undergone erotic massage Singapore and other types offered, you will feel alive, divine, revitalized and reinvigorated. The soft touch of our masseuses combined with an amazing atmosphere and the calmness of your subconscious being will make your feel full of energy. We truly redefine what Singapore massage is rather than give you only pleasure.

All you need to do is make a simple call and within an hour, you will have one of our beautiful and seductive Asian masseuses with you to take you through an erotic and lustful session of pure bliss. It will be so captivating that you will wish for nothing else but that again and again.

Our highly professional and very proficient masseuses are always ready to give you the special massages you want to experience. Pamper yourself, relax and loosen up your worries. Let us help you rediscover your individuality and vitality with our well-known massages! Give us a call and book the massage that will definitely unlock your sensual and erotic desires. If you have always wished to experience what Singapore massage has to offer, then make that one call. Why think it over and over while you can get the best one phone call away? Allow us to take your life on a journey that matches no other. Get to know yourself better and understand your body with one of our special massages. When you begin understanding and appreciating your sensual impulses, you begin to unlock your true potential and start mastering the inner you and that will be the time that you begin to be a different person. A person more attuned to his inner self, more relax and more rejuvenated. All these can be experienced and the health benefits enjoyed from our best and well-known massages.

At Bliss tantric massage Singapore, we guarantee you that we have the best and highly professional tantric massage services you can ever had here in Singapore. Experience it for yourself and feel the exhilarating and rejuvenating effects of our great tantric massages. Call us now and book of our best tantric massages in Singapore!

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Terms and Conditions

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In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding or disappointment please read these terms and conditions carefully. By booking Bliss Massage Singapore, you fully understand and agree with BLISSMASSAGE Terms stated below:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. All prices INCLUDE transportation fee within Central Singapore only, please request a quote for transportation outside this area.
  3. Kindly note in the unlikely event of cancellation on arrival of the masseuse fee of $100 will apply.
  4. Bookings outside BLISSMASSAGE opening hours (10am – 2am daily) may incur a $100 surcharge.
  5. BLISSMASSAGE reserves the right to refuse any client whose intent, behaviour or appearance is not consistent with our policies to prevent violation of our staff’s safety.
  6. The Bliss Massage Singapore is STRICTLY a massage AND WE DON’T PROVIDE SEXUAL SERVICES OF ANY KIND.

Before the massage

Please take a shower before your masseuses arrival.

Set the room temperature at a comfortable, warm level.

During the massage

On booking your Bliss Massage Singapore you agree to remain in a PASSIVE role.

After the massage

Please allow your masseuse to take a shower after finishing the massage, and provide a clean towel for their use.

Any breach of the agreed Terms may result in an immediate and permanent ban from our services. The above Terms apply equally and unconditionally to all clients.