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Oomph Up Male Wellness With Prostate Massage Singapore

The prostate gland is an essential organ of the male reproductive system which is in charge of the production of healthy semen thus is of substantial import for human reproduction. Prostate massage is therefore necessary to maintain the wellness and health of the prostate gland. The prostate is located deep within the male body, just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. This walnut-shaped organ produces prostatic fluid which is the main component of semen and is really vital for male potency and fertility.

Is Your Prostate Healthy?

Prostate, being one of the primary organs that promotes fertility and male potency must always be in prime condition to deliver efficiently its functions. When the prostate is not that healthy, there are some tell-tale signs such as:

  1. Frequent and painful, sometimes weak or half-finished urination. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra which is responsible for urinating. When the prostate is swelled or inflamed it may block or cut off urine flow;
  2. Blood accompanied urine which go together is pin-prick like pain. When the urethra; the duct that carries urine is blocked due to prostate swelling or inflammation, chances are drops of blood might mix with your urine.
  3. Inability to maintain an erection. Since the prostate is, in some parts, responsible for maintaining sexual vitality of men, blockage can in turn hurt and cause the inability in maintaining an erection or can be responsible for erectile dysfunction.
  4. Throbbing pain when ejaculating. Prostate massage can aid in easing fluid blockages along the prostate duct which often is the reason for the throbbing pain or discomfort you may feel when ejaculating.
  5. Muscle and back pain. Any blockage on the prostate can cause some muscle and back pain. When you start feeling this with one or more signs, then you might think of considering having a prostate massage.

Those are just a few of the symptoms one can experience if the prostate is not functioning well. As always, any reputable and experienced provider of prostate massage such as well tell you to consult a reputable doctor should one or more of the symptoms outlined continuous.

Why Is Prostate Massage Essential For Male Vitality?

Unknown to many people, men too have what is called the G-spot, it is a highly sensitive and erogenous region or area in the human body that can easily and pleasurably stimulate male sexuality. In tantric philosophy, the G-spot or what is called “sacred spot” of a man is the prostate gland which is, generally speaking, men's passionate sex center responsible in part to sexuality and virility. When doing a prostate massage, it discharges incredible amounts of pent-up emotions, mental and bodily stresses bottled-up and confined within a man’s body.

The release of emotional, physical and mental stresses is achieved because of the following which effects generated during a prostate massage:

  1. Orgasm and ejaculation sensation. Different kinds of sensations are achieved by the indirect pressing, rubbing and stroking of the prostate gland. The most prominent among these sensations is the feeling similar to that titillating impression which is typically sensed in the course of ejaculating.
  2. Anal pleasure sensation. Connected within the genital zones, the anus is linked to and interlinked with nerve endings numbering in millions that are very sensitive which when touched or massaged can yield erotically satisfying sensations.
  3. Stroking the concealed penis. Not known to many, as much as one third of the penis is hidden inside a man’s body. The penis’s base is neatly hidden which may be massaged alongside the prostate gland during a prostate massage. The stimulating effect of the gentle massaging is described to be exhilarating and awesome.
  4. Mental and emotional high. As potent as physical stimulation can be, it pales in comparison with the immensely superior mental or emotional high; the seemingly euphoric feeling, one can experience when having a prostate massage.

Experience euphoria and orgasmic high with our patented prostate massage! Once tried, you would always want for more. Book your prostate massage with us NOW!