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Open The Doors Of Blissful Ecstasy With Sensual Massage Singapore

Humans are sensual and erotic beings. Sensuality is part of what makes us different from other life species. Sensual massage, therefore, explores and makes use of human sensuality using this very exhilarating and exciting massage method that can open the doors of your hidden, sexual self and can unlock a blissful and ecstatic revelation of carnal pleasure.

Sensual massage is a form of an erotic massage performed by experienced and highly professional masseur or masseuse that uses not only their hands, but also other parts of the body with the goal of arousing the erotic senses through the highly erogenous parts of the human body and letting the receiver of the massage feel, appreciate and acknowledge their sexuality with the end goal of letting the person experience the ecstatic release that a sensual massage can give and also give a person sexual pleasure.

The primary goal of sensual massage is the sexual arousal through slow and highly targeted massages through the erotic regions of the body to release sexual energies and to discharge bottled-up emotions and hidden stresses which are part of the negative energies that can accumulate through the day-to-day work or activities a person does. Sensual massage allows for the release and clearing of the positive sexual energies to flow throughout the body by massaging the sexually sensitive areas of the body.

Blissful Sensual Massage: The Power of Touch

Sensual massage Singapore incorporates and uses slow and precise massaging of the key body parts to achieve a powerful stimulation of the body by touching key erotic areas of the body thus giving complete pleasure and relaxation. This form of massage requires the one receiving the highly pleasurable and erotic massage to fully yield and completely surrender to his sensual feelings and tune up to his or her senses by completely internalizing the manifold sensations that one can feel while undergoing this very special type of massage. When contemplating to having this highly pleasurable and relaxing massage, the one having the massage or the receiver of the sensual massage must completely and unequivocally surrender his body to the highly professional and well-trained sensual massage therapists or what is called a masseuse to better enjoy and appreciate the wonderful and soothing, ecstasy-filled massage.

Sensual massage is actually more than what others call an ordinary erotic massage. This massage emphasizes the need to discover one’s self and understand the innermost desires a human being has---his carnal personality and carnal desires.

Blissfulness and euphoric sensations can only be realized once you have totally surrendered and accepted your sexuality and erotic tendencies. Before having this massage and to better prepare one’s self to the pure bliss of a sensual massage, you must know that the massage is regarded as a gentle and relaxing bodily massage which end-goal is not just to climax and ejaculate but to afford the massage’s receiver to release stresses and tensions through the slow and targeted massaging of erotic points in the body.

Indeed, this massage elucidates the point that while erotic pressure points are touched, sensual massage is a sublime form of sexual consummation. Sublime sex in the sense that no actual sexual penetration happens during and after the conduct of the massage but what is achieved is only the sexual stimulation of the body or the teasing of the body to coax it to release the unhealthy build-up of stress and pent-up emotions and other negative thoughts and energies.

The Truth In Sensual Massage

Sensual massage and the touching of the erogenous areas of the human body is better described as the ritualization of the basic human quality; that it is of primal and primordial tendencies man has regarding sexuality and deeply rooted human desire to pleasure.

The sensual massage is, in actuality, a ritualized set-up of the environs; the need of playing soothing and highly relaxing music, soft, eye-soothing and dimmed lights, censers and the use of aromatic oils and scents and the use of natural and fragrant oils, is of utmost importance and much needed to create the perfect environ, the relaxing mood and sublime atmosphere for the successful conduct of a sensual massage.

When having the highly erotic and pleasure-filled sensual massage, you must remember that all parts of the body can be touched during the sensual massage but the primary focus are the carnal regions of the body; the erogenous points which may include the breasts, pubis area for women and the genital area for men with emphasize to the lingam or the penis. These parts are slowly touched and caressed to tease the body and to have it relent to the slowly increasing build-up of pleasure until climax or orgasm or ejaculation is achieved.

The primary and ultimate objective for a sensual massage, though orgasm is the outcome, is to unblock energy channels and to ultimately release stifled passions and discharge obstructed energy creating a strongly sensitive and highly charged body.

Of the many that have experienced this extraordinary massage, have also subscribe to the many benefits that only with a sensual massage a person can give and experience. These have been known long and experienced by those that have gone through the massage. Sensual massage, in itself have been used at times for the treatment of several sexual conditions that affects masculinity and that serves as an stigma for male potency such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and others. Many professes that only sensual massage has helped them overcome and return to having a highly potent and virile sexuality. Others also claim to having been helped by sensual massage to understand themselves better and have a more fulfilling sex life.

Bliss Tantric Massage Singapore offers this tremendously fulfilling sensual massage with professional and highly trained masseuses. This can be had by people who wish to achieve complete relaxation and passionate release of pent-up passions while achieving personal satisfaction.

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